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Draft IAEA Resolution To Press Iran On Enrichment

(Reuters | 24 November 2009) - Six world powers have drafted a resolution at the UN nuclear watchdog urging Iran to clarify the purpose of its previously secret uranium enrichment site and confirm it has no more hidden atomic work, diplomats said. Read the rest of this entry »

Beneath the hype: Is Iran close to nukes?

(The Real News Network | 7 October 2007) - In this five-part series, retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern and Iraq whistle-blower Greg Thielmann discuss respectively the role of faith-based intelligence in disinformation (Part 1) and under what conditions Iran would restart its suspended weapons program (Part 2).  In the question and answer session, McGovern and Thielman discuss the implication of US silence on Israel’s nuclear weapons (Part 3); the disconnect between the intelligence community, government and the public (Part 4); and the potential causes of armed conflict in Iran (Part 5).

Part 1:  Disinformation and Faith-based Intelligence

(Ray McGovern | The Real News Network | 7 October 2009)
Retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern speaks on disinformation, Iran, and “faith-based intelligence” Read the rest of this entry »

Debating Engagement: A Critical Dialogue Among Progressives on Iran and the Peace Movement

Featuring Robert Naiman, National Coordinator of Just Foreign Policy and Kaveh Ehsani, editorial committee member Middle East Report and Professor of International Studies, DePaul University.

The present moment is pivotal on two levels: In the aftermath of its June presidential election, Iran has seen the largest political upheaval in the three decades since the revolution. And, just last week, the US and Iran engaged in breakthrough discussions on Iran’s nuclear program.

Are these two historic developments related?

How should the peace movement make sense of them?

This dialogue will explore these questions and many more, shedding much-needed light on the critical issues at stake.

Event Details: Friday, October 16 at 7 PM – School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbus Auditorium, 280 S. Columbus Dr., Chicago

Obama Begins Meaningful Engagement With Iran

(Robert Naiman | Truthout | 8 October 2009) - The relationship between the United States and Iran with respect to Iran’s nuclear file is playing out at two levels. One level revolves around formal obligations and agreements and diplomacy. The second level is the long-running contest between the United States and its allies and Iran and its allies for power and influence in the region. The contest at the formal-obligations level on the nuclear program is a proxy for the contest for power and influence, and accommodation on the nuclear program likely implies some acceptance of Iran’s power and influence in the region. Read the rest of this entry »

Iran, America, Israel: the nuclear gamble

(Paul Rogers | Open Democracy | 2 October 2009) -  The renewed controversy over Iran’s nuclear plans again puts the possibility of military conflict on the agenda. But western states underestimate the costs and consequences of an attack on Iran. Read the rest of this entry »

Iran Gives Nod to Inspections, More Nuclear Talks

(Online NewsHour | 1 October 2009) – Iran has agreed to a second round of discussions over its disputed nuclear program following a meeting in Geneva on Thursday with diplomats from the U.S. and other world powers.

Sanctions, War, or Support?

Why after four years does Ahmadinejad reclaim “his disbelief” about the Holocaust?  Why  has the news of another nuclear site been “leaked?”  Are these  really accidental?

(Mahmood Karimi-Hakak | | 28 September 2009) - In reaction to Ahmadinejad’s recent visit, a number of groups, organizations and government agents have called for more sanctions against and/or military intervention in Iran.  While the efforts of such groups in discrediting Ahmadinejad is appreciated, and indeed, this man and his ruthless, barbaric, and coldblooded backers must be stopped, I have few concerns with their message.  I believe that these well-intentioned groups and organizations are playing into the hands of the dictatorial regime in Iran.  They are asking for exactly what Ahmadinejad wants; more sanctions and/or possible war with Iran! Read the rest of this entry »

Iran Continues with Missile Tests

(Online NewsHour | Part 1 | 28 September 2009) – Iran continued with missile tests for a second straight day Monday, firing mid-range missiles capable of hitting Israel, parts of Europe, and U.S. military bases in the Middle East. Lindsey Hilsum of ITN reports.

Iran Seeks Image of Defiance With New Missile Tests

(Online NewsHour | Part 2 | 28 September 2009) – Iran has test-fired its most advanced missiles, demonstrating its ability to strike targets as far away as Europe, and increasing tensions over its nuclear program. Analysts break down the details of the development.

Iran declares it’s running another uranium enrichment plant

(Russia TV – 25 September 2009) - Iran has officially declared it’s running another uranium enrichment plant.  The announcement comes shortly before Barack Obama presented evidence of this previously secret facility to the G20.