Dating Married Men: Why Some Single Women Do It

Some single women are attracted to men who should be unavailable to them. They purposely seek out relationships with men who already have a spouse. Why do some single women enjoy dating or pursuing married men?

He’s Willing to Commit

It may seem strange, but being able to commit is an attractive trait in a married man to some single women. They like the assurance that the man they are involved with isn’t afraid of matrimony or a long-term relationship.

Unfortunately, they’re missing the big picture.

He’s also willing to step away from his commitment when given the opportunity. It may seem like a plus to know he’s willing to make things permanent. But how long will his permanent be?

Don’t be surprised that he didn’t literally mean “til death do us part” during the wedding vows he shares with you either.

The Challenge of Winning His Affections

Nothing gets some women going like being told they can’t have something. Mother Eve got us started way back in the Garden of Eden. What bigger challenge is there than to take the affections of a man away from another woman?

The problems usually begin once the “prize” from the challenge is taken home. Enjoying cleaning up the clothes that never quite make it into the hamper, ladies? How about his sudden memory lapse concerning the promises he made concerning your future together? And are you beginning to suspect he really isn’t working late every Friday night (like he told his wife while sneaking around with you)?

The thing about challenges is: once they’re over was all the effort really worth it? Did you really win something of value? Or, is that brass ring beginning to look a little tarnished already?

He Isn’t Happy With His Wife

He’s miserable in his marriage. His wife’s a shrew who doesn’t understand him. Of course, your information is coming from a most reliable source. If he says he’s unhappy, clearly it’s the truth. If he says she’s the reason for it, what more do you need to hear? Why on earth would your married boyfriend lie to you?

Just remember, if you’re lucky enough to become his next missus, your singular goal and mission in life is to make him utterly, deliriously, and supremely happy.

That way, he’ll never have any reason to tell the “truth” to another woman about you.

He Loves Me

The day he uttered those three little words, that settled it. Love conquered all.

You didn’t intend to fall in love. Yes, you knew he was married, but you never intended to take someone’s husband and father away. It wasn’t planned. It just happened.

In a few years don’t be surprised if, or should we say when, your sweetie gets bitten by the love bug again. After all, just like you couldn’t control falling in love with him, neither will his latest love.

He’s just a loveable guy. He has a big heart and he enjoys sharing it.

Many single women find themselves attracted to married men. They find lots of reasons to justify having a relationship with someone who already has a legal and moral commitment to another.

Warning to Single Women About Married Men

Many enjoy the element of danger and intrigue in having a forbidden relationship. Some women believe they are with someone whose marriage would have ended with or without their involvement sooner or later.

However, single women who enter into alliances with married men need to remember one thing: most relationships built on a foundation of lies and deceit will usually topple. Research shows more than 70% of all marriages end due to infidelity or cheating allegations.

Yes, your relationship might be the one which defies the odds. Your marriage may even be the exception to the rule. However, don’t be dismayed, if statistically – you aren’t.