Dating Tips for Single Women

The time of praising women’s virtues is long gone. If you are a nice, understanding and compassionate woman who is willing to compromise her well-being for the sake of pleasing others, this is the time to change. The present dating scene requires new rules and outlook on what really means to be a single woman. In her book, Why Men Love Bitches (Adams Media), Sherry Argov exposes the limitations of being nice and gives women practical tips for empowering themselves.

Men are visual creatures

When women dress for a night out, they often wonder what to wear. Despite the season or the occasion, single women’s primary focus is on how to look sexy and appealing for men. However, the seductive dress that you will wear does not guarantee attracting potential date candidates.

There are apparently two types of men – the ones that like to stare at the upper body of the woman, namely at her breasts, and those who like the shape of a woman’s bum. Therefore, when dressing up, try to emphasize the areas which you are proud of regardless of the current trends and fashion. Wear something that makes you feel sexy.

Single women’s top-secret weapon

Men’s primal stimulus is their sexual drive. However, men often share that they are attracted to a woman who is resisting their courtship. The higher the mystery aura around a woman, the better chance she has for men to want to get to know her better. Furthermore, the top-secret weapon of woman is to give misleading signals about her availability. When going on a date, try not to share all your secrets. The more a man wonders if he will get lucky, the harder he tries.

You might be single, but not desperate

Being single is a gift. Until you see the singleness as a burden and reason for desperation, you will not be able to enjoy its benefits. Instead of focusing on the negatives of being alone, try to use the time to have fun, work harder at your dream career goals or your favorite hobby. Being single defines you as an independent woman who can take care of herself. You should be proud of what you have achieved and reward yourself for all the energy and time you have spent on others. Start seeing singleness as a “me” time and you will attract men who appreciate you for who you are.

When dating, do not give all your energy to the potential partner. No one is worth having you all for himself. Remember to keep your distance in the beginning until you get to know that person better.

While single, try to use your time to define what you really want in a man. If you are in your 20s, there is a chance that you might just want to have fun, which is just the way it should be. However, if you have passed your 30s, your expectations are much higher. Even though it is good to know what you want, setting up high expectation might prevent you from enjoying the moment and dismiss potential candidates. In a survey conducted by Cosmopolitan magazine, which results are outlined in the article “Cosmo’s Men Summit: What Do Men Want?”, 60% of men agree that women’s expectations are unrealistic. Looking for the perfect man is an illusion that only leads to disappointments.