FIFA World Cup and Online Dating Services

English men have flocked to online dating sites since England got knocked out of the FIFA World Cup, but English women want to carry on watching the football, according to recent surveys. But those women who still want to score while the football is on should wear team colours and brush up on the offside law.

Men Turn to Online Dating

Registrations from single men to online dating site Singles 365 have boomed since England were knocked out of the World Cup. The day after Germany thrashed England 4-1, traffic to the site was up over 134 per cent compared with the same day the previous week and up over 187 per cent during the following week.

And the Singles 365 survey reveals that the boom started happening within minutes of the final whistle and peaked just thirty-two minutes after the game ended.

“We were genuinely stunned to see how many men registered on the site straight after the game,” said Katie Mowe from Singles 365 in a prepared statement. “Our message to all the single ladies out there who are looking for a date is strike while the iron is hot – the football season will start again in less than two months.”

Similar results were found at online dating site Mysinglefriend, which saw an annual low in new members while the match between England and Germany was being played and then saw traffic to the site triple once the match was over.

Women Want to Keep Watching the FIFA World Cup

The men may be out of luck though as English women want to keep watching the football, cheering on the lads from Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Uruguay as they continue to fight for the trophy.

In a survey for Gaming Supermarket, more than seventy per cent of women in England said they intended to watch the remaining matches even though England had been knocked out. Only five per cent said they would be avoiding the FIFA World Cup. And it is good news for landlords as forty-four per cent said they were most likely to watch the matches in pubs or bars.

Wearing Football Shirts Help Women Score

Those women still looking for a man despite the FIFA World Cup being on should brush up on their knowledge of the offside law and wear football shirts.

A survey by online dating service Parship found that wearing a country’s football shirt increased a woman’s attractiveness by up to forty per cent in the eyes of European men.

In the survey of 5000 singles across Europe, a quarter of men said they would find a woman wearing the national shirt more attractive, while just thirteen per cent of women would be impressed by a man doing the same. The Spanish are particularly susceptible, with more than forty per cent of men and over a fifth of women saying wearing the shirt was sexy. But not so in Germany, with just one in five German men and eight per cent of women going for their country’s colours.

In England, a quarter of men find the English shirt sexually attractive and fourteen per cent of women.

A third of European men would be impressed if a potential partner knew the offside rule as would a fifth of women. But neither sex is that impressed by a potential partner who knows the name of everyone in the team.

Tips for Online Dating and the FIFA World Cup

The trick seems to be to match online dating partners by looking for football compatibility. Look for online dating services that consider football important. A good online dating business will try to help football fans score.