Iranian painter Hannibal Alkhas died in California Tuesday at the age of 80. PeaceWithIran co-founder and singer Ed Hale commented “Alkhas’s work is brilliant in its use of color, imagery juxtaposition and symbolism. He was a real genius. The word striking comes to mind. Like most Iranian artists in various mediums he is largely unknown to Westerners. Which is unfortunate. Art should transcend regardless of where the artist is from.”

See the link below to see a whole slide-show of his paintings. Yes Let me see this awesome slide-show!

He was born in 1930 in Kermanshah, Iran, and he spent childhood and teenage years in Kermanshah, Ahvaz and Tehran. Hannibal’s work is deeply inspired by the ancient bas-reliefs and stone sculptures of Ancient Assyria, Babylon and Daric-Persia. He has developed and mastered a unique style of painting that seeks to vitalize the historic processes within the passing moment. His achievements include a number of one-man shows, group art exhibitions, and traveling exhibitions in Southern Iran and Israel. Aside from being displayed in his own gallery, a number of his paintings are featured in the Fine Arts Museum and Gallery of Modern Art in Tehran and the Helena d’ Museum in Tel Aviv.

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