Ways to Keep Romance Alive

Valentine’s Day is a big holiday among daters and couples alike. Following are some strategies to keep the spirit of Valentine’s Day alive throughout the entire year.

Romantic Dinners

Regular dates are an important part of any relationship. But don’t just schedule time together and then mindlessly go about your date. Put as much thought in it as you would if it were Valentine’s Day. Chose the restaurant with care, plan ahead to have flowers at the table, or write your loved one a card telling him or her how you feel.

Dinners don’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, a special meal doesn’t even have to be at night. Think creatively. For example, a charming brunch or extra-special midday feast can be just as meaningful.

Tokens of Appreciation

One reason people like Valentine’s Day is because of the kind gifts they may receive from their partners. Things like jewelry or flowers are lovely presents, but it’s the smallest of details in gifts that really count. For example, a simple note that reminds your partner of a private joke you both share or a special place you cherish will mean more than a thoughtless, yet expensive gift.

Looking Your Best

It’s natural to become comfortable with each other over time. Part of that might even mean that you and your partner don’t dress up as often. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, however, give your look a special touch. The next time you plan dinner, dress up with your best suit or dress. Give your appearance the same care as if you were preparing for a first date with someone new.

Treating Each Other With Respect

When your relationship is new, you tend to approach disagreements and setbacks differently. You may wait before starting an argument, or gently tell your partner something you’re unhappy with. As time goes on, however, you might begin to get careless with your partner’s feelings.

Instead of attacking your partner when you’re upset, think about the time when you were first together and use that as your guide to approach him or her. Gently bring up a point of contention, and genuinely listen to have he or she has to say. Think of disagreements as ways to get to know each other better, rather than an argument that will drive you apart.

Having someone terrific in your life is a special thing. It’s something everyone has longed for at one time or another. If you have a great relationship, don’t take it for granted. Celebrate it! Never miss an opportunity to tell your partner how lucky you are to have him or her in your life.