Ways to Keep Romance Alive

Valentine’s Day is a big holiday among daters and couples alike. Following are some strategies to keep the spirit of Valentine’s Day alive throughout the entire year.

Romantic Dinners

Regular dates are an important part of any relationship. But don’t just schedule time together and then mindlessly go about your date. Put as much thought in it as you would if it were Valentine’s Day. Chose the restaurant with care, plan ahead to have flowers at the table, or write your loved one a card telling him or her how you feel.

Dinners don’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, a special meal doesn’t even have to be at night. Think creatively. For example, a charming brunch or extra-special midday feast can be just as meaningful.

Tokens of Appreciation

One reason people like Valentine’s Day is because of the kind gifts they may receive from their partners. Things like jewelry or flowers are lovely presents, but it’s the smallest of details in gifts that really count. For example, a simple note that reminds your partner of a private joke you both share or a special place you cherish will mean more than a thoughtless, yet expensive gift.

Looking Your Best

It’s natural to become comfortable with each other over time. Part of that might even mean that you and your partner don’t dress up as often. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, however, give your look a special touch. The next time you plan dinner, dress up with your best suit or dress. Give your appearance the same care as if you were preparing for a first date with someone new.

Treating Each Other With Respect

When your relationship is new, you tend to approach disagreements and setbacks differently. You may wait before starting an argument, or gently tell your partner something you’re unhappy with. As time goes on, however, you might begin to get careless with your partner’s feelings.

Instead of attacking your partner when you’re upset, think about the time when you were first together and use that as your guide to approach him or her. Gently bring up a point of contention, and genuinely listen to have he or she has to say. Think of disagreements as ways to get to know each other better, rather than an argument that will drive you apart.

Having someone terrific in your life is a special thing. It’s something everyone has longed for at one time or another. If you have a great relationship, don’t take it for granted. Celebrate it! Never miss an opportunity to tell your partner how lucky you are to have him or her in your life.

How and When to Start Dating Again After a Breakup or Divorce

Finding yourself single after being in a long-term relationship may cause you to shrink back and swear off love forever. There’s nothing wrong with this type of thinking, as long as you don’t hold yourself to it. It’s normal to overreact immediately after the breakup, but give yourself permission to change your mind.

As time passes, you’re likely to meet new people, develop new interests and discover some things about yourself that you never knew before. Take advantage of the opportunity to step out into uncharted territory and experience life. If someone interesting comes along, you may want to consider getting to know him or her to see if there’s any chance of a relationship. Even if you decide not to pursue dating this person after going out a couple of times, you’ll at least have more experience and knowledge of what you do or do not want.

Immediately After the Breakup

Before you start dating again, take stock of what went wrong in the relationship. You don’t want to make the same mistakes, or you’ll wind up in the same boat in the future. Talk to two or three of your closest friends separately and ask for their observations. This may be difficult, but you want their honesty in order to prevent a replay.

After you process what your friends tell you, work on changing what you can about yourself. If you have a history of dating cheaters, jot down some similarities in these people. You may see other trends and patterns as you go. Although some of what you noticed in former partners may be common traits, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all people who do those things will cheat. Just be cautious and aware.

Get a Makeover

You don’t have to change the way you look or do a major overhaul of your core values. The key is to find something to boost your confidence and self-esteem before stepping back out there into the dating world.

Makeover suggestions:

  • Have your hair restyled and updated.
  • Purchase a few trendy pieces to add pizzazz to your wardrobe.
  • Take a class to learn something new.
  • If you feel it would help, seek therapy to discover something new about yourself.

Warnings About Memories

You may occasionally experience painful memories of your past with your former partner. This can send you into a state of mourning. Allow a small period of grief then take charge of turning the feeling into a positive experience.

Things that can cause you to grieve a broken relationship:

  • running into that person
  • seeing pictures of the person
  • hearing old songs that transport you to a happy time
  • a phone call from your ex

Evaluate your feelings when you find yourself in any of these situations. If your grief is insurmountable, you may not be ready to start dating again. Once you are able to get past the initial sadness quickly, you are starting to heal and should consider dating again.

Meeting New People

Once you start meeting new people, you may feel awkward and inept. This is normal, but after a few experiences, you’ll grow more comfortable. Over time, you’ll probably realize that you weren’t as happy as you thought you were. Enjoy being single and free from the constraints of whatever problems you had in your former relationship that wasn’t working.

Tips when dating new people:

  • Avoid falling into the rut of bashing your ex.
  • Formulate a brief explanation of why your former relationship failed then move on to a different subject.
  • Be prepared to face your ex if you live in a small community or visit old haunts.
  • Don’t compare people you meet to your ex.
  • Pay attention to body language to gauge the other person’s interest.

Immediately after a breakup or divorce, allow time to grieve. Then take some time to get a makeover and rediscover yourself. Realize that you’ll be struck with old memories, but don’t allow them to send you into a downward spiral of negativity. When you’re ready, meet new people and be open to a fresh relationship.

FIFA World Cup and Online Dating Services

English men have flocked to online dating sites since England got knocked out of the FIFA World Cup, but English women want to carry on watching the football, according to recent surveys. But those women who still want to score while the football is on should wear team colours and brush up on the offside law.

Men Turn to Online Dating

Registrations from single men to online dating site Singles 365 have boomed since England were knocked out of the World Cup. The day after Germany thrashed England 4-1, traffic to the site was up over 134 per cent compared with the same day the previous week and up over 187 per cent during the following week.

And the Singles 365 survey reveals that the boom started happening within minutes of the final whistle and peaked just thirty-two minutes after the game ended.

“We were genuinely stunned to see how many men registered on the site straight after the game,” said Katie Mowe from Singles 365 in a prepared statement. “Our message to all the single ladies out there who are looking for a date is strike while the iron is hot – the football season will start again in less than two months.”

Similar results were found at online dating site Mysinglefriend, which saw an annual low in new members while the match between England and Germany was being played and then saw traffic to the site triple once the match was over.

Women Want to Keep Watching the FIFA World Cup

The men may be out of luck though as English women want to keep watching the football, cheering on the lads from Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Uruguay as they continue to fight for the trophy.

In a survey for Gaming Supermarket, more than seventy per cent of women in England said they intended to watch the remaining matches even though England had been knocked out. Only five per cent said they would be avoiding the FIFA World Cup. And it is good news for landlords as forty-four per cent said they were most likely to watch the matches in pubs or bars.

Wearing Football Shirts Help Women Score

Those women still looking for a man despite the FIFA World Cup being on should brush up on their knowledge of the offside law and wear football shirts.

A survey by online dating service Parship found that wearing a country’s football shirt increased a woman’s attractiveness by up to forty per cent in the eyes of European men.

In the survey of 5000 singles across Europe, a quarter of men said they would find a woman wearing the national shirt more attractive, while just thirteen per cent of women would be impressed by a man doing the same. The Spanish are particularly susceptible, with more than forty per cent of men and over a fifth of women saying wearing the shirt was sexy. But not so in Germany, with just one in five German men and eight per cent of women going for their country’s colours.

In England, a quarter of men find the English shirt sexually attractive and fourteen per cent of women.

A third of European men would be impressed if a potential partner knew the offside rule as would a fifth of women. But neither sex is that impressed by a potential partner who knows the name of everyone in the team.

Tips for Online Dating and the FIFA World Cup

The trick seems to be to match online dating partners by looking for football compatibility. Look for online dating services that consider football important. A good online dating business will try to help football fans score.

Easy Way to Fix a Dark Photo for Online Dating

Divorced men and women seldom have a good photograph to use for match.com or other online dating sites. Here is an easy way to touch up a dark picture using Adobe Photoshop Elements software.

Online Photo

When people get divorced, they may not have many pictures to use for an online dating profile. Why is this?

  • Married people would rather take photos of kids or grandkids, instead of having photos taken of themselves.
  • Married people are older and don’t like to have their pictures taken.
  • Married people don’t get out and have fun like they did when they were young and single, so they have fewer vacation-style photos.

If a man or woman can dig up a halfway decent photo where he or she has a dark face due to shadows or underexposure, it is easy to retouch the image so it’s good enough for an upload.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements software can be used to lighten a dark face fairly quickly. It is very easy to do.

People who don’t have access to Adobe photo software can download Adobe Photoshop Elements (or another type of photo editing software) for a free 30-day trial. Another way to fix a photo is to go to a FedEx Office store (formerly Kinko’s) and rent a computer workstation with Photoshop.

Photo Retouching

Put the dark photo on the computer desktop. (If using FedEx or a friend’s computer, just email the picture to one’s own email account, so it can be downloaded on the other computer.)

The very first step is to make a copy of the photo. Right click on the photo icon (on the desktop) and choose copy. Go to an empty space on the computer desktop and right click, again, then choose paste. Now there is a copy of the dark photo for backup.

Open Photoshop Elements

The easiest way to get the dark photo into Photoshop Elements software is to:

  • Double click on one of the photo icons. This will bring up the photo in Windows Photo Gallery (or another photo program if on Mac).
  • Right click on this large picture and choose: Open With > Adobe Photoshop Elements (Editor).

(The author is using Photoshop Elements 7, but other versions should use the same sequence.)

Lighten Photo

There are many ways to lighten a photo in Photoshop, but here is one of the quickest ways.

  • At the top taskbar choose Enhance > Adjust Lighting > Brightness/Contrast. A pop-up box will appear.
  • Slide “Brightness” to the right. (The blue hat example below needed +72, but all shots will vary.)
  • Slide “Contrast” to the right. (The blue hat example only needed +30.)
  • Click OK.
  • Every photo will require different numbers for enhancement.

Sometimes this is all a person needs to do. However, it is possible to get better results by using a few more steps. Go to the top taskbar again.

  • Click on Enhance > Adjust Color > Adjust Color for Skin Tone.
  • The cursor will turn into an eyedropper.
  • Click the eyedropper on a neutral area of skin and the face in the photo will (usually) change to a healthier-looking color.

It sometimes takes a few tries (clicking on different parts of the face or arm) to get a color that is neither too gray nor too yellow. If the “skin” changes to a weird color, click “Reset” and click the eyedropper on a different area.

Save the photo when satisfied.

Sharpen Photo

To get a sharper photo, try these steps:

  • Click on Enhance > Adjust Lighting > Shadows/Highlights.
  • To sharpen the detail a bit, slide “Midtone Contrast” to the right. (The blue hat example needed +19.)

Now, save it as a JPEG file and that’s it. The photograph will never be as good as a photo taken with proper lighting, and would be terribly grainy in an album. However, the photo will be good enough to use for an online dating site.

Radiometric Dates for Neanderthals in the Levantine

Neanderthals are one of the best known species in the human lineage. Researchers have been investigating the biological and behavioral characteristics of Homo neanderthalensis for nearly 150 years, beginning with its discovery in the mid 1800s. Since then, more than 400 fossil remains of Neanderthals have been recovered.

The stone tools produced by Neanderthals are described as the Mousterian Industry or the Middle Palaeolithic. These lithic assemblages are characterized by Mode 3 technology, or the careful preparation of core surfaces so that large, symmetrical flakes could be produced. These flakes were sometimes shaped into specific forms for cutting, scraping, and other actions on meat, hide, and vegetal matter. Some of these flakes were also hafted onto spear tips for hunting.

Full Homo neanderthalensis morphological traits are characteristic of specimens in Europe and Asia 135 ka, but specimens dating back to 350 ka exhibit some of the traits characteristics of later Neanderthals. The last Neanderthals lived in Western Europe about 30 ka. Researchers believe that they were displaced and forced into extinction by a number of factors including climate change and competition with new human migrants. Neanderthals and humans may have coexisted in the Levant region for thousands of years, however.

Tabun Cave Provides an Important context for Dating Neanderthal Occupation in West Asia

Tabun Cave is located on Mt. Carmel, Israel, where numerous caves yielding Neanderthal fossils and archaeological remains have been investigated. Tabun Cave preserves a long archaeological sequence that documents technological change from Acheulean times through to the Upper Mousterian and has long been used as a point of reference for relative dating of Levantine palaeolithic sites. The Levant is an important geographical area because it represents the junction of Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The archaeological sequence from top to bottom, its technological characteristics, and a summary of some recent absolute dating analyses from Tabun Cave are summarized here:

Tabun B -Middle Palaeolithic, Upper Mousterian, Broad Levallois points and narrow flakes obtained by unidirectional removal, U-series/ESR date: 104 (+33-18) thousand years ago (ka), Neanderthal Specimen C1 recovered from this unit

Tabun C -Middle Palaeolithic, Lower Levalloiso-Mousterian, Oval shaped radial Levallois flakes, no points, U-series/ESR date: upper levels 135 (+60-30) ky, lower levels 222±27 ka , 196±21 ka, TL date: 165±16 ka

Tabun D -Middle Palaeolithic, Lower Levalloiso-Mousterian, Prismatic ‘Amudian’ blades, scrapers, elongated unidirectional Levallois points, U-series/ESR date: 143(+41-28) ka, TL date: 256±26 ka

Tabun E -Lower Palaeolithic, Acheulo-Yabrudian, Thick ‘Yabrudian’ scrapers common, some levels have handaxes and blades, U-series/ESR date: 208(+102-144) ka, TL dates: 264±28 ka, 324±31 ka, 302±27 ka

Tabun F -Lower Palaeolithic, Late Acheulean

Tabun G -Lower Palaeolithic,Tayacian

Dating the Appearance of the Middle Palaeolithic and Neanderthal Occupation in the Levant

Tabun Cave has the potential to inform palaeoanthropologists of the timing for the appearance of the Middle Palaeolithic in the Levant. Tabun D represents the earliest Middle Palaeolithic occupation at Tabun, and unfortunately, absolute dates for Tabun D are inconsistent.

In 2000, Grün and Stringer reported an early uptake (EU) U-series date of 133±13 ka, a linear uptake (LU) U-series date of 203±26 ka, and a combined US/ESR date of 143 (+41-28) ka.

Thermoluminescence dates of burnt flints from Tabun are 256±26 ka; more than a one hundred thousand year discrepancy with the above U-series dates. Some researchers argue that other Levantine sites that document the Lower to Middle Paleolithic boundary seem to converge at an age of roughly 215±30 ka.

Dating the end of the Middle Palaeolithic and the extinction of Neanderthals in the Levant

The upper limit of the Middle Paleolithic occupation of Tabun Cave is even more controversial. The Neanderthal hominid C1 was recovered near the top of the Tabun sequence, either layer B or C. U-series dates conducted in the late 90s by Schwarz and others gave a date of 34±5 ka for the C1 mandible and 33±4 ka for the C1 femur. This date has been questioned. If it were correct, it would mean that the specimen is one of the youngest Neanderthals known and that Neanderthals inhabited the Levant until 30 ka, opposed to the prevalent view that Neanderthals became restricted to pockets of Western Europe at the end of their existence before going extinct about 30 ka.

In contrast to Schwarz’s analysis, however, Grun and Stringer report LU U-series dates of faunal samples from Layer B that give an estimate 122±16 ka for the C1 skeleton.

There is Lots of Potential for Further Research on the Origins and Evolution of Neanderthals

Despite being the most well known species of hominin to date, there are still many questions about the detailed timeline of Neanderthal occupation in West Asia. The archaeology of Tabun Cave and the Levantine in general harbors great potential for understanding the origins and extinction of Neanderthals as absolute dating techniques are refined.

A number of questions remain: how are the Mousterian-using Neanderthals of Tabun Cave related to the Lower Palaeolithic (Acheulean) toolmakers of earlier occupations? What is the relationship between the biological changes that characterize the appearance of Neanderthals and the technological changes that characterize the appearance of Middle Palaeolithic industries? How old is the first Middle Palaeolithic industry at Tabun Cave? How old is the last Middle Palaeolithic industry and the C1 Neanderthal specimen at Tabun?

Using a Compliment to Open a Conversation and Get a Date

At first glance, complimenting a woman to make her feel good seems simple: every woman likes compliments and a lot of men use them instinctively as opening lines. Where they tend to slip up is in complimenting the wrong thing or over-complimenting.

It’s not always wise to compliment a woman on something that’s outside her control – particularly her looks. Firstly, she’s almost certainly had lots of other men compliment her on the same feature and your comment will see you immediately labelled as predictable and unimaginative – which doesn’t raise the chances you’ll get a date. Secondly, you’re ignoring all the effort she’s no doubt made that evening. So compliment her on things she can control – her hair style, her dress, her jewellery or something she’s doing.

Do compliments of the right kind always work? Not according to everyone. Some of the self-styled ‘pick-up artists’ who specialize in seduction believe that beautiful women are complimented so often that they get used to it – they expect it, and even look down on those who do it. Their view is that these women need to have their perspectives reset for the approach to work – essentially ‘taking them down a peg’ by paying them a ‘negative compliment’ or mild insult. They even have a term for this: ‘negging’ – and it forms a key part of the technique known as the Mystery Method, developed by pick-up artist legend ‘Mystery’.

Whether you subscribe to this view or not, it’s certainly true that it’s possible to spoil your chances by so over-complimenting a woman that she views you as either a creep or someone with low self-esteem. Compliments need to be flattering but honest and delivered casually – remember, you’re just stating a fact. How you compliment a woman determines to some extent how she sees you. The compliment will make her feel good, but it’ll also tell her what sort of things you notice, the fact you’re confident enough to speak to her and that you consider yourself worthy of having an opinion. In many ways how you deliver the compliment and the fact that you’re doing it is more important than what you actually say. Practice with a friend or through one of adult phone chat lines when you could chat with someone in real time.

What should you pick to compliment her on? Ideally, you need to pick out the thing she’s spent time on, the thing that other men probably won’t notice (they’ll be too busy commenting on her breasts, her legs, her eyes). Ask yourself what makes her different – remember, it doesn’t have to be something physical. The way she dances, even the way she laughs can make her unique. The reaction you’re trying to elicit is pleasant surprise – she wasn’t expecting anyone to notice, but she’s glad someone did.

As with any dating technique, practice will help. Get into the habit of noticing things – ask yourself: what would you compliment that woman on, if you wanted to make her feel good? Then start actually doing it – even if it’s just in passing. Even if you don’t get a date, you’ll brighten up a few women’s days!

Dating Tips for Single Women

The time of praising women’s virtues is long gone. If you are a nice, understanding and compassionate woman who is willing to compromise her well-being for the sake of pleasing others, this is the time to change. The present dating scene requires new rules and outlook on what really means to be a single woman. In her book, Why Men Love Bitches (Adams Media), Sherry Argov exposes the limitations of being nice and gives women practical tips for empowering themselves.

Men are visual creatures

When women dress for a night out, they often wonder what to wear. Despite the season or the occasion, single women’s primary focus is on how to look sexy and appealing for men. However, the seductive dress that you will wear does not guarantee attracting potential date candidates.

There are apparently two types of men – the ones that like to stare at the upper body of the woman, namely at her breasts, and those who like the shape of a woman’s bum. Therefore, when dressing up, try to emphasize the areas which you are proud of regardless of the current trends and fashion. Wear something that makes you feel sexy.

Single women’s top-secret weapon

Men’s primal stimulus is their sexual drive. However, men often share that they are attracted to a woman who is resisting their courtship. The higher the mystery aura around a woman, the better chance she has for men to want to get to know her better. Furthermore, the top-secret weapon of woman is to give misleading signals about her availability. When going on a date, try not to share all your secrets. The more a man wonders if he will get lucky, the harder he tries.

You might be single, but not desperate

Being single is a gift. Until you see the singleness as a burden and reason for desperation, you will not be able to enjoy its benefits. Instead of focusing on the negatives of being alone, try to use the time to have fun, work harder at your dream career goals or your favorite hobby. Being single defines you as an independent woman who can take care of herself. You should be proud of what you have achieved and reward yourself for all the energy and time you have spent on others. Start seeing singleness as a “me” time and you will attract men who appreciate you for who you are.

When dating, do not give all your energy to the potential partner. No one is worth having you all for himself. Remember to keep your distance in the beginning until you get to know that person better.

While single, try to use your time to define what you really want in a man. If you are in your 20s, there is a chance that you might just want to have fun, which is just the way it should be. However, if you have passed your 30s, your expectations are much higher. Even though it is good to know what you want, setting up high expectation might prevent you from enjoying the moment and dismiss potential candidates. In a survey conducted by Cosmopolitan magazine, which results are outlined in the article “Cosmo’s Men Summit: What Do Men Want?”, 60% of men agree that women’s expectations are unrealistic. Looking for the perfect man is an illusion that only leads to disappointments.

Dating Married Men: Why Some Single Women Do It

Some single women are attracted to men who should be unavailable to them. They purposely seek out relationships with men who already have a spouse. Why do some single women enjoy dating or pursuing married men?

He’s Willing to Commit

It may seem strange, but being able to commit is an attractive trait in a married man to some single women. They like the assurance that the man they are involved with isn’t afraid of matrimony or a long-term relationship.

Unfortunately, they’re missing the big picture.

He’s also willing to step away from his commitment when given the opportunity. It may seem like a plus to know he’s willing to make things permanent. But how long will his permanent be?

Don’t be surprised that he didn’t literally mean “til death do us part” during the wedding vows he shares with you either.

The Challenge of Winning His Affections

Nothing gets some women going like being told they can’t have something. Mother Eve got us started way back in the Garden of Eden. What bigger challenge is there than to take the affections of a man away from another woman?

The problems usually begin once the “prize” from the challenge is taken home. Enjoying cleaning up the clothes that never quite make it into the hamper, ladies? How about his sudden memory lapse concerning the promises he made concerning your future together? And are you beginning to suspect he really isn’t working late every Friday night (like he told his wife while sneaking around with you)?

The thing about challenges is: once they’re over was all the effort really worth it? Did you really win something of value? Or, is that brass ring beginning to look a little tarnished already?

He Isn’t Happy With His Wife

He’s miserable in his marriage. His wife’s a shrew who doesn’t understand him. Of course, your information is coming from a most reliable source. If he says he’s unhappy, clearly it’s the truth. If he says she’s the reason for it, what more do you need to hear? Why on earth would your married boyfriend lie to you?

Just remember, if you’re lucky enough to become his next missus, your singular goal and mission in life is to make him utterly, deliriously, and supremely happy.

That way, he’ll never have any reason to tell the “truth” to another woman about you.

He Loves Me

The day he uttered those three little words, that settled it. Love conquered all.

You didn’t intend to fall in love. Yes, you knew he was married, but you never intended to take someone’s husband and father away. It wasn’t planned. It just happened.

In a few years don’t be surprised if, or should we say when, your sweetie gets bitten by the love bug again. After all, just like you couldn’t control falling in love with him, neither will his latest love.

He’s just a loveable guy. He has a big heart and he enjoys sharing it.

Many single women find themselves attracted to married men. They find lots of reasons to justify having a relationship with someone who already has a legal and moral commitment to another.

Warning to Single Women About Married Men

Many enjoy the element of danger and intrigue in having a forbidden relationship. Some women believe they are with someone whose marriage would have ended with or without their involvement sooner or later.

However, single women who enter into alliances with married men need to remember one thing: most relationships built on a foundation of lies and deceit will usually topple. Research shows more than 70% of all marriages end due to infidelity or cheating allegations.

Yes, your relationship might be the one which defies the odds. Your marriage may even be the exception to the rule. However, don’t be dismayed, if statistically – you aren’t.

Advice From Twitter for Girlfriends Who Ask, Am I the Other Woman?

How can you tell if your man is cheating on you? That’s what Side Chick Awareness is all about. The answers given by Twitter users are mainly funny, sometimes angry, and sometimes sad.

All of the fears about infidelity – getting caught, being cheated on, being the “other woman” without knowing it, or having an unfaithful husband – are serious and painful. But comedians have known for centuries that there’s also a funny side to the situation. It makes great material for Twitter.com, a social networking website where people publicly exchange messages of up to 140 characters long.

What Women Say About Being the Other Woman

The main theme of what Twitter users identify as #sidechickawareness is secrecy on the man’s part. He clearly doesn’t want anyone to know he has more than one woman in his life. Some of the Twitter posters are fully Side Chick Aware, but others need lessons, so people have been giving each other many helpful hints.

In these quotes from Twitter, some of the language has been edited to make it more readable and in a few cases, less likely to offend. On Twitter, the @ symbol is used before a person’s screen name and the # symbol helps with indexing. People can search the site for #sidechickawareness and instantly find all the related posts that contain it.

Some clues from other women to know if you are a side chick:

@skhan813: “homeboy makes you drop off food for him but it ends up looking like a drug deal #sidechickawareness”

@PiNKissableLiPS: “#sidechickawareness is when your phone calls get ignored cause he be with wifey.”

@IamSpectacular: “#sidechickawareness if you find an empty condom box, and yall don’t even use condoms.”

It’s possible that the Side Chick’s relationship could be as intense as the man’s marriage (to the Main). Both these posts suggest some family ties.

@pjsocomplicated quoting @B_McQ quoting @LadyE8806: “#sidechickawareness… Just cuz you have a baby by him does NOT make u the main!”

@tdothoney: “#sidechickawareness His kid callin me Mommy by accident.”

What Women Say About Men Who Have a Side Chick

Opinions, almost all from women, suggest that the Main can be either fearful and worried about whether there is a Side Chick, or the Main can confidently assume there is but that the Side Chick isn’t a threat.

Example of a Main who thinks Side Chicks are going to be the ultimate losers:

@LOcourtVE: “Lesson to women who prey on married men. 75% stay with their wives. Find someone else!!!<#sidechickawareness”.

What Men Say About Their Side Chicks

The men in the #sidechickawareness discussion are mainly putting forward the cool dude image and treating the whole angst-ridden “is he cheating on me” question like a game. Much of this is written in the ironic tone typical of Twitter, for example:

@JeffreyRipper: “Edamame is my #sidechick. She has #sidechickawarenss and knows how to stay in her lane.”

@MaggDaddy: “If I bring you to the house and I tell you, ‘Just run downstairs I’ll be there in a minute’, you need #sidechickawareness.”

Approaching Twitter more analytically and assessing the social commentary made by the whole #sidechickawareness discussion, is this post:

@hjules: “Only on twitter or only in today’s world will WOMAN tell off the mistresses for not having #sidechickawareness. Strange.”

What Everyone Says About Tiger Woods

A polite translation of the commentary on Tiger Woods is that he would have been unwise to phone his alleged girlfriend and leave an incriminating voice mail, a recording of which (it is claimed) has been widely published. Here’s how one man summed up the common opinion:

@DCruz215: “U like the only [man] on the EARTH named Tiger. Aint u supposed to try and hide [extra-marital affairs]? Don’t use your real name! #sidechickawareness”

Whether he had an affair or not, and whether the phone message is authentic or not, the Tiger Woods story and all the rumours around it are going to be a footnote in sports history before long, but the phenomenon of marital infidelity will never end. Sociologists of the future will have plenty of information about early twenty-first century dating and marriage if they choose to look up and analyze #sidechickawareness.